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What sort of extracurriculars should I do if I'm planning on majoring in psychology?

Hello. I'm a 10th grader and recently I've been thinking a lot about what kinds of things I could do to boost my extracurricular list, but I'm not completely sure of what would be beneficial and available to me. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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2 years ago

Hello, @akby. There are numerous career paths you could take in psychology. Nursing, public or private health care, therapy, education, english, criminal justice, information technology, business, and academia are the popular options. Based on your interests, you could consider a double major in psychology and one of the fields listed above. Your ECs should be relevant to the field of study in which you are interested. Take coding classes and join clubs if you are interested in IT and psychology. Here are some ECs recommendations regardless of your particular interest.

(1) Participating in competition-based clubs such as Science Fairs, HOSA, Science Olympiads, Bio Olympiads, etc. Consider participating in NSDA Debate, Forensics Speech, and Mock Trial as well. You could also write psychology-related articles on your school/local Newspaper, Blog, or website. (2) You should have a sufficient number of volunteer hours because membership in the National Honors Society is required (NHS). For example, companionship with elders. You can find Volunteer opportunities on VolunteerMatch (https://www.volunteermatch.org/). (3) You can demonstrate leadership by forming your own organization, such as a mental health advocacy club, or even a nonprofit. Try to take officer/president roles in the clubs you participate in my senior year. (4) More importantly, have internships in local University Labs, Organizations once your age is reached. Typically internships will be open after 11th grade. You should check with your School adviser on such opportunities within your district.

You should read this complete guide/list on ECs and Clubs from the CollegeVine Blog to learn more (https://blog.collegevine.com/your-complete-list-of-extracurricular-activities/).**

Besides ECs, you should keep a great GPA, and aim for the top 95th percentile of SAT/ACT scores if you want to be considered selective for competitive colleges. If you are considering T20 schools, you should have 4 years of Science courses (I recommend you should also both AP Bio and AP Chem since they are supplements for AP Psychology), 4 years of English, 3 years of History, and 4 years of Foreign Language.

I hope the information helps and best luck.

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