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06/19/2020 at 04:09PM
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Looking for ways to add to resume during Covid

4.05 GPA, 33 act superscored, I am in a volunteering club, Students Against Destructive Decisions club, Debate club, and am on the varsity Baseball team. I also have been playing instruments consistently for the a while, but have not been taking lessons for the past few years, just playing for fun. I have been working consistent jobs since I was 12, as an umpire, working as a server at a retirement home when I was 15, and currently working at a carwash for the past 2 years, as I am currently 17. I have won awards for the highest spring sports GPA this past year, being a scholar-athlete for two consecutive years, which consists of having above a 3.5 GPA for the duration of the season. I also have two academic letters, from maintaining a 4.0 or above the whole year, and a varsity letter from being on varsity baseball as a junior. I currently volunteer weekly at my local library helping with children's activities and will begin volunteering for my church doing odd jobs. By the time high school will be over, I will have taken 6 honors classes, and 11 ap classes. I am wondering what else I can do to help my case for good universities?

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I forgot to mention, the 4.05 gpa is weighted, my unweighted is about 3.8

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06/19/2020 at 07:21PM

Fill this out on the profile > chancing section. There, you will input your basic personal information, your grades, standardized scores, and extracurriculars. There, the program on Collegevine will give you an approx admissions % chance for any individual university.

A couple of things I noticed off of the bat-

1) if you can you should participate in more extracurriculars towards econ/finance since that is what you want to study in college. most of your ECs are either jobs or sports related which is fine if you are applying as a recruited athlete. if not this might be considered a weak point in your app; not that you had to work (which ofc you can explain in your essay as something that possibly prevented you from using your time to do other extracurriculars) but that your activities aren’t centered around what you want to study in college

2) most if not all universities don’t track Demonstrated Interest, which is how much you try to connect with the college and show them that you’re interested via emails, visits, etc as you said. IDK if Case Western specifically does (that’s something you’d have to google) but don’t bank on that as boosting your chances at all

3) flat-out your GPA and grades sound excellent but IDK how that compares (and your ACT) to what you would need to be accepted into CW. please use the collegevine tool/program to figure this out. once your profile is filled out you can make a college “list” where you add the universities you’re going to apply to and the program will tell you your specific % admissions chance for each school

06/19/2020 at 10:20PM

You have a high chance of getting into Case Western (better than 50% IMO). Their avg UGPA is 3.86 (A-) their 25%/75% stats range for SAT are 1360/1480 and for ACT 31/34 based on the 2019-2020 common data set so your 33 puts in solidly in the stats range 63% percentile. You didn't disclose your AP scores but if you took 11, I would only submit the 4s and 5s. And your ECs are solid. You didn't disclose what you are majoring in so I can't tell if your future major aligns with your passions or ECS. Base on your info, CW is a hard target school for you. I'd pick some harder reach schools as well. Best of luck in your college admissions journey.


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