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Looking for ways to add to resume during Covid

4.05 GPA, 33 act superscored, I am in a volunteering club, Students Against Destructive Decisions club, Debate club, and am on the varsity Baseball team. I also have been playing instruments consistently for the a while, but have not been taking lessons for the past few years, just playing for fun. I have been working consistent jobs since I was 12, as an umpire, working as a server at a retirement home when I was 15, and currently working at a carwash for the past 2 years, as I am currently 17. I have won awards for the highest spring sports GPA this past year, being a scholar-athlete for two consecutive years, which consists of having above a 3.5 GPA for the duration of the season. I also have two academic letters, from maintaining a 4.0 or above the whole year, and a varsity letter from being on varsity baseball as a junior. I currently volunteer weekly at my local library helping with children's activities and will begin volunteering for my church doing odd jobs. By the time high school will be over, I will have taken 6 honors classes, and 11 ap classes. I am wondering what else I can do to help my case for good universities?

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I forgot to mention, the 4.05 gpa is weighted, my unweighted is about 3.8

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You have a high chance of getting into Case Western (better than 50% IMO). Their avg UGPA is 3.86 (A-) their 25%/75% stats range for SAT are 1360/1480 and for ACT 31/34 based on the 2019-2020 common data set so your 33 puts in solidly in the stats range 63% percentile. You didn't disclose your AP scores but if you took 11, I would only submit the 4s and 5s. And your ECs are solid. You didn't disclose what you are majoring in so I can't tell if your future major aligns with your passions or ECS. Base on your info, CW is a hard target school for you. I'd pick some harder reach schools as well. Best of luck in your college admissions journey.


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