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Before quarentine I was planning on taking the SAT but would probably submit just my ACT score, what should I do now?

I am just applying to state schools, not ivys and my ACT score is a 28. I have not gotten a chance to take the SAT yet but I know it will be a lot lower based on my PSAT scores. My GPA is around a 4.34, I will have taken 4 AP classes by the time I graduate in 2020 and I have decent extracurriculars. I can sign up to take the SAT but I am high risk for the virus, what are my options?

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You still have time to improve your ACT score if you feel it is not in the 25% to 75% percentile of ACT scores submitted by applicants to the schools you are applying to. There are a few test dates in the end of summer/early fall that you can sign up for. Best of luck in your colleges admissions journey.


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