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Before quarentine I was planning on taking the SAT but would probably submit just my ACT score, what should I do now?

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I am just applying to state schools, not ivys and my ACT score is a 28. I have not gotten a chance to take the SAT yet but I know it will be a lot lower based on my PSAT scores. My GPA is around a 4.34, I will have taken 4 AP classes by the time I graduate in 2020 and I have decent extracurriculars. I can sign up to take the SAT but I am high risk for the virus, what are my options?


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Taking the SAT wouldn’t make sense if you know that you will have a lower equivalent score than your current ACT score. If your ACT score is a competitive (average or above average) score for other people of your demographic (check on CV profiles) then you’re fine. TBH it doesn’t make sense for you to sign up and take it if you know you will not do well AND you already have a well-fitting ACT score.

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You still have time to improve your ACT score if you feel it is not in the 25% to 75% percentile of ACT scores submitted by applicants to the schools you are applying to. There are a few test dates in the end of summer/early fall that you can sign up for. Best of luck in your colleges admissions journey.