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applying to transfer after a long break

If I am applying to a competitive school after taking a long break (3 semesters) for therapy following a traumatic experience, could I use my therapist as a personal reference? I had a really intense situation growing up and I did pretty well in high school, but once I got to my senior year, I had another traumatic experience and my grades dipped a bit. By the time I got to a school, I was in a school and program that didn’t fit me and even then, I realized I was struggling so much with mental health that I had to withdraw and work extensively with a therapist while taking a break. I found a program that I love, but the school is rather competitive.


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2 years ago

I would advise against using your therapist as a reference. Therapists only know you in the context of therapy, so they would be unable to comment on who you are in and out of the classroom. Many would choose not to write recommendations in order to maintain professional relationships with their clients.

Instead of asking your therapist for a reference, I recommend explaining your mental health situation in the Additional Information section of your applications. This section will allow you to explain the context behind your long break, and colleges will take you at your word without a letter from your therapist. Hope this helps!

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