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UC scout transcripts


I am a raising sophomore.I am taking a AP course through UC Scout this summer.

This is separate from what my school courses will be. My question is when I apply to colleges and include these additional transcripts, how does the college interpret these transcripts.

Not having the course gpa on my high school transcript, is it any use? Does this effect my college admissions.

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Thank you

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Hi there,

Great question! When you apply to colleges, you will list all institutions you’ve studied at. This includes community college courses and accredited courses like UC Scout that you’ve taken through a university. You’ll need to request a transcript from the school when you go to apply, and colleges will receive that in addition to your high school transcript.

Having a course like this won't factor into boosting your GPA but it will demonstrate a commitment to furthering yourself academically outside of school, which is definitely a plus.

Hope this helps!

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It's great that your taking courses outside your school!

I believe colleges will view additional transcripts as positive. They show your dedication. Most schools (including mine) don't factor outside classes into their GPA, so I don't think extra transcripts affect your college admissions negatively.

Hope this helps!


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