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Are My Extracurriculars Good Enough?

1. I have been In visual Arts like drawing, painting since I was in grade 3 and due to which I won multiple awards in inter school competitions.

2. I am the Vice-Captain of one of the houses in our school among 4 houses.

3. I am in debate and declamation team of our house and won multiple inter-house competitions in our school.

4. I also made a project on conservation of biomass which was selected on district level under Inspire Manak Award.

5. I also play badminton giving 10-12 hours per week but I just started this year.

6. I have participated in multiple street plays.

I'm still in 10th class so please help me in places where I'm lacking.


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4 days ago

Though the answer depends on the schools you are applying to, I would say that your extracurriculars are competitive for most schools. Your achievements are also higher-level than the average sophomore's, especially your biomass conservation project.

The main area you could expand would be your spike, or main area of interest. Your current activities demonstrate passions for the arts and biology, so you will want to do more extracurriculars in one field or find a direction that combines them (e.g. plays about conservation). Hope this helps!


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