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should I retake my ACT?

Hi, I'm a rising senior in high school with a 3.95 uw / 4.16 w GPA. I got a 34 on the ACT this past October and I haven't taken it since. I think that with extensive studying I would be able to get a 36 on the ACT. However, I'm wondering if it's worth retaking, as I am worried that it may distract me from completing other aspects of my college applications this summer. I'm applying to very competitive schools, with my top school being Wellesley College. Is it worth me retaking the ACT? Are there other ways of increasing my chances other than a better score/ good essays?


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I think (emphasis on that part) you shouldn't retake the ACT. A 3.95 gpa uw is amazing, and anything above 30 on an ACT shows you scored higher than 90% of test takers. A college will not only look at your grades and scores, but will look at you as a person. They take extracurricular activities, essays, and recommendations (some) into consideration and some colleges might not even consider test scores at all. The more competitive the school, the more they expect from you. Join some clubs, sports, organizations, even try some community service. The point is to show you are able to do more, who you are as a person, what you're passionate about and what drives you. Most colleges don't want someone who ONLY cares about grades and do whatever is given to them, they want students who take initiative (leaders) and one way to show that is to show what you do on your free time.

Other than doing extracurriculars, consider doing activities during the summer such as precollege programs (if you're not already a senior that is) to show you want to challenge yourself and stay productive which can benefit you later on in college too.

Don't just know teachers, make them like you! A good recommendation letter may be everything to the admissions office. Also, start with writing your essays. Know what you will write about. The essay parts is so they can know who you are, they want to accept a person who will thrive in their environment and benefit the community.

Again, you're already doing spectacular in academics, just be sure to have a balance.

5 days ago[edited]

Short answer - There is no need to retake it unless you are keen on getting in to MIT. Other than that no need.

Long Answer -If your top school is Wellesley, then I think from an academic/testing threshold you extremely competitive. I would use the extra time you have to hone your EC narrative and make sure you ECs are polished, maybe look for some add'l leadership roles in your community or school.

If you are open to other women's colleges, I'd recommend looking at Bryn Mawr, Barnard, Mt. Holyoke, Scripps College in CA, and maybe something like Vassar, Hamilton, Colgate, Middlebury. When my dad and I visited Wellesley, I thought the campus was beautiful as well as the landscaping and architecture. The dorms were great and I love all the nice things they do like having different places to eat and the co-curricular clubs. Certain traditions seemed time capsuled for future generations to experience.


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