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What should I do to show my potential to colleges?

Hey everyone! So I'm a rising senior in high School and need some help. My current school is really different because it has 4 course levels – Regular, Accelerated, Honors and AP. I was in a different country in freshmen year and moved to US. I was in a different school in my sophomore year. Because I was an international student, my school placed me in almost low level classes. In my sophomore year, I had 3 accelerated and 1 regular core classes, and everything else were electives. I almost did great in my sophomore year. In no more time, I moved in my Junior year. Because I was a transfer student again, they put me in accelerated classes again, although I requested for some honors. I did great in my junior year classes, got straight A's and now I have every honors in my senior year with one AP Econ. The problem is that I did not get enough opportunity to show my excellence in my high school years and did not get enough AP's and honors. It would be helpful if you would like to see my transcript.

So now I have 3 high schools on my transcript and not enough rigorous courses. Please help me about what can I do better to make the most in my college admissions process.

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Most colleges have a section in which you can write an essay explaining your personal story or even your hold-backs in life. In that essay, you can emphasize how much you were restricted due to your constant transferring. You can also say how that has impacted you such as motivation but I'm just saying; Let Them Know.

There are also other ways to show your passion, your dedication, responsibility, and knowledge. Tests such as the SAT/ ACT, can help you a lot. Entering clubs and organizations show you are passionate about something and skills you gain. Again, just let them know. When they know you, they know your intentions and goals and that's how they will know if you're a student they want! Hope that helps.

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Here are some other things you can do to make your application stronger:

- Participate often in your classes and ask your teachers questions about assignments after school. Ask them for extra credit opportunities or ways to help out in the classroom as well. Doing these things will show your engagement in class and will convince them to write you good letters of recommendation, even if they have not known you for too long. You should focus on building relationships with two teachers who teach your favorite subjects, since you will need one or two teacher recommendations for your applications.

- Self-study for a few AP exams - if you score well on them after self-studying, you will prove to colleges that you are more academically capable than your transcript shows. The good thing about doing this is that you will not have to report any low scores to most schools. Talk to your guidance counselor to sign up to take AP exams.

Hope this helps!

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You should keep in mind AOs consider your situation and that of each applicant. If they think you are doing good this year as you did the last, it can be very redeeming. High grades for previous core classes can also count. High ACT/SAT is a must. Just make sure the colleges that require the transcript for each high school receive them.


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