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I just have time for one extracurricular, is that enough?

What extracurricular should I choose?

BTW, I'm an international student going to 10th grade.

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9 days ago

It's best to show strong commitment and leadership in one or two extracurriculars while doing several more casual activities. It's okay if some of many of your activities are done virtually or on your own! Here are some blog posts that can help you build your extracurricular profile:

1. Your Comprehensive Guide to Extracurriculars

2. Your Complete List of Extracurricular Activities: 900+ Ideas

Hope this helps!

9 days ago

Hi @Oyeotd! You should choose an extracurricular that suits your interest. It would be more advantageous though to have more than one extracurricular. And, if it sounds fun to you, maybe you could start a club for international students at your school. It looks good on your EC resume to be the president/founder of a club. Here are a couple of blog posts about extracurriculars:



10 days ago

Quick Question.

Why do you only have time for 1 extracurricular? Is that the normal amount of ECs in your country or do you have other mitigating circumstances, like health problems or a disability that prevents you from having any free time. Who came up with this plan?


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