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06/19/2020 at 08:31PM
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Chancing Profile Question - how should I count classes that fit multiple categories?

My school partners with 2 local universities to offer CC courses. AP courses are also offered as well as the utilization of an Honors designation. A course may have any combination of these designations or even hit all three. How should I complete the chancing profile when a single course has multiple designations? Is there a designation hierarchy? Additionally, if I take a non-AP class, but take the AP exam should I count that in the AP category?


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06/29/2020 at 02:41PM

Are you definitely sure the courses could be listed as any of the 3? I've never heard of anywhere doing that before and it wouldn't make much sense. All 3 designations are vastly different from one another. Why would a CC course also be an AP course? If you're taking a college class there would be no need to be learning what's on an AP curriculum.

I did notice in one of your comments though you asked if CC/DE classes are stronger than AP. I wanted to let you know that CC/DE classes generally ARE NOT considered as strong as an AP class. That might seem confusing since one is college level and one is not, but here's why: in an AP class the curriculum is standardized. Everyone is supposed to learn the same thing and take the same test so colleges know what to expect from a student who enrolls in that class type. With CC/DE classes there can be a huge level of variance in the quality of the class and what you learn. Some CC/DE classes might be full of information where you can learn a lot, but be very difficult because expectations are high. Others might be super easy because of the instructor and you don't end up learning much. Because the quality of the class can range so widely, colleges often prefer to see APs over CC/DE. That doesn't mean don't take CC/DE classes! It just means pick and choose which ones you take carefully and don't automatically go for CC/DE classes just because they're "higher" level.

06/20/2020 at 05:38PM

So to answer your question AP, CC/DE, and Honors are counted separately in most high schools as they are also on Collegevine. Each class only has one denomination/category and “counts” for only one. An AP course (administered by Collegeboard) counts for AP, a CC or Dual Enrollment course ONLY counts as CC, and an otherwise advanced or Honors course counts for honors. An AP or CC class doesn’t count as an “honors” class since you take the highest course that it fits into and dount it as that. Here’s what I would say:

CC/DE - if you took a class in partnership with a local (community) college or university

AP - if you took an AP level class AT YOUR HIGH SCHOOL that on your transcript is written as AP [blank]. If you take the exam but not the class, no, don’t fill it out as an AP class because the class most likely wasn’t that level of rigor. For example you might have been in Physics H but taken the AP 1 exam anyway (see below)

Honors - a class you took in high school that is notated as “honors” or “advanced” on your transcript, so not grade level, but not AP either


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