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Recovering From a C in Junior Year

I'm an IB Year 2 student and have been averaging mostly As with about 1-2 Bs per year over freshman-junior year first semester, but this last semester I dealt with a combination of issues resulting from the COVID-19 situation in my area, my mental health, and IB exam season, which resulted in a B (in language) and a C (in math) for the final semester. My current UW GPA is a 3.84. I know that I have to step up my essays and extracurriculars to make up for this deficit, but is there anything else I can do in the coming months to make this look better in the eyes of college admissions?

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You can make your grades look better by explaining the context behind them in the Additional Information section. In addition, submitting a good SAT or ACT score (1400 on the SAT and 31 on the ACT for most schools) will demonstrate that you are more academically qualified than your transcript shows. Hope this helps!


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