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What else can I do to get my apply rates higher for the University of Washington?

So I'm about to be a senior this upcoming school year and over the course of my years in high school, I've only taken one honors class (English) which was in my freshmen year. I'm enrolled to be in the AP English LIT class this year and worry if it's not enough to get into the college. It was a bit hard to do extracurriculars because most of my time was taken by COVID; this week I am helping volunteer at a Christian Church for their VBS week by helping with the food section. I also just realized that I may be one short class for mathematics, science, and senior year math which is stressing me out because my classes have already been chosen and my parents don't really want me to take another math class in my senior year. Sorry if this is long.


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2 years ago

Here are some things you can do to boost your profile:

- Put extra time in to write essays that stand out

- Explain how COVID affected your extracurricular options in the Additional Information section

- Build up your EC list with Tier 1 and Tier 2 activities

- Self-study for a few AP classes and take the exams. You can sign up for exam days by talking with your guidance counselor.

- Participate often in class and ask your teachers for help after school in order to build a good rapport with them. This will help them write better letters of recommendation for you.

- If you need some 1:1 help, feel free to reach out to me!

Hope this helps!

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