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Chancing percentage

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I noticed my percent chance of admission for some schools went up, but I didn't change any of my profile. What does this mean?


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My stats changed too, but like AllyG said the office people who are in charge of this are out till the 21st. One thing that could matter is the course rigor, it says beta on it but maybe they tried adding it into the algorithm to see what happens, idk.

They consistently say my course rigor is bad (I go to a small rural school with no honors and only a handful of APs) and my chances went UP, so while I do think there’s an algorithm change, I think it’s something else too, not just course rigor.
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I asked a similar question—short answer: likely an algorithm change. I emailed their support email and you can too, but they’re out until the 21st. I’ll let you know when/if I can confirm an algorithm change, but this happened to me, too! How much did yours shift, if you don’t mind me asking?

It was only a couple schools, but just about 3% Thanks!
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So I responded to someone else I believe AllyG CV has stated they are revamping the algorithm and support should be contacted at I believe they are adding something about available rigor.