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I am going into my junior year of high school and want to get a head start for next year this summer

I am going into 11th grade and summer just began. I want to get a head start for next year because I know it is going to be a stressful year, I also want to start doing things that will help me when I am applying to college. What should I do this summer that will help me in my junior year and also look good for my college application or just help me for college in general?

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2 years ago

1. Start a college list.

2. Follow those colleges on social media because some colleges care about demonstrated interest. So follow their Instagram, Youtube channel, Tiktok channel, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

3. If you can, visit some of these college this summer because next summer you will be busy cramming for your SAT/ACTs test prep if you haven't achieved the scores you want during Junior year.

4. Take a practice ACT and practice SAT test. See which one you do better on. Then focus on test prepping for that test. Your school may or may not prefer the ACT vs SAT so keep that in mind because some schools are pro-ACT, and others pro-SAT.

5. Use the rest of the summer to take more practice tests and study for whichever test is better suited for you.

6. Start to think about what you can do to improve your EC narrative. Do you need more leadership positions? Do you need more activities that support your "spike" narrative. Do you have enough impressive Ecs, awards or honors?

7. Are you doing a varsity sport? If so, can you get better at it over the summer? Maybe a sports camp or being part of club league?

8. Do you have any obvious gaps in your academic narrative? Like missing a language, or math course. Can you make it up over the summer? Or can you get ahead by taking your Calculus course now rather than next year?

These are only some ideas you can work on.

Good luck

2 years ago

To add to the other answers, doing some summer activities at home can be a great way to enhance your application profile without worrying about costs and application deadlines. Hope this helps!

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