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What kind of service should I be performing?

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I know colleges look for service and extracurricular and I was curious what kind of service I should be performing?


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What kind of activities are you passionate about? What do you like to do? What field do you want to go into? You shouldn't be picking service activities based on what you think will make you look good, because that in reality makes you kind of a boring applicant. Do what you are passionate about or what you want to learn more about! If you need examples, comment some of your interests and I can suggest.

Thank you for the response! I have a lot of interests but I really hope to go to law school and I want to study history in college.
Volunteer with a political campaign you support, look into senate page internships in your state (if you are in the US), the YMCA has a youth in government program that's really great. Volunteer at your local library or history museum!
Thanks so much!
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My thought would be service that involves one-on-one interaction such as Room in the Inn, a food kitchen for the poor and underserved, Meals on Wheels, visiting with retired elderly. You can also feel free to do service that is not as direct such as a food drive or a clothing drive.

Thank you!