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β€’ 06/20/2020 at 01:08AM

What are some virtual extracurriculars or volunteering opportunities that I can do during this time?

I am looking for some ways to make my resume stand out more and I am trying to find virtual ways to do so, whether it be extracurricular activities or volunteering. Any suggestions?

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β€’ 06/20/2020 at 01:54AM

Yes! Teach yourself python online, a coding program! Also use mercari or poshmark and create an online business: it can be as simple as selling used clothing. You can also try to find a job, learn an instrument, or start a blog. Coursera is a website with free ivy league courses, try to pick a course related to ur major and complete it for free to include in your resume!

Accepted Answer
β€’ 06/20/2020 at 11:42AM

Hi I am a recent high school graduate

I think you should try to creative projects or community service

You can create posters with positive messages like "We are all in this together"...

You can spread awareness about social issues such as Climate change, Black Lives Matter...

You can help elderly neighbors by going grocery shopping for them

or start zoom classes for the younger neighborhood kids

You can start a youtube channel, podcast, or share music, poetry you create with important messages.

β€’ 06/22/2020 at 04:13PM

Pursuing hobbies or online volunteering are probably the main two ways to go. I've been telling any students inclined towards medicine that they should look into volunteering for the Red Cross, which can be done online ( But if your interests are different, you should still be able to find opportunities for things like tutoring in whatever subject you want to pursue.