2 years ago
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football player applying as an international student with biology major

I am an international student applying for a test optional college this year.

I am a good football player also i have a good academic grades (3.😎 unweighted

if anyone can tell me or recommend me a college to apply for looking for students have like my skills

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@clemensd2 years ago

As an international student, when you say football does that mean soccer in the US or do you play US football?

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2 years ago

University of Richmond

McPherson university

Ohio state university are a good place to start

2 years ago

Your GPA is blocked by an emoji but if I am presuming a 3.0, if not please do follow up. If you are looking for financial aid then you are most likely best of applying to colleges that are larger, smaller LAC do not really value sports in the same way the likes of Duke do.

Most colleges will be test optional this year to protect their yield, it does not mean that they won't decide to just admit students who have the data available to them. I would suggest to demonstrate your competence you sit the tests or start studying to sit them.

When you say 'good', do you mean that you play as a hobby are you signed/a school athlete?

I would look at state schools.


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