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What is my best strategy for improving a PSAT score?

First off I know this isn't necessarily the most topical question to ask in this community, but I couldn't find another community that fit the job better. So here I go.

I don't know why, but I've always struggled with Collegeboard tests. I have a near-perfect score on the ACT but it doesn't seem to translate over to PSAT; when I took a PSAT practice test, I couldn't break a 700 in the reading/writing section. In fact, I really spent much of my earlier high school career studying for the SAT rather than the ACT with little to no returns (I got a 700 on reading/writing on the real SAT after taking like 7-8 reading practice tests). Am I struggling because of the difference in question types, or do I need to change my mindset for the PSAT? The scholarship would help me a lot financially. Thanks in advance for the advice!

@ThatOnePolyglot2 years ago

khan academy practice is really good!

[🎤 AUTHOR]@aw00000012 years ago

I'll check it out!

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2 years ago[edited]

Taking the PSAT, you're given the option to practice for the actual SAT on college board with Khan Academy. Just make an account for Khan Academy if you haven't, link it with college-board, and your scores will be transported along with the topics you've missed. Then you'll be able to practice full PSAT's/ SATs, and take individual topic lessons.

They section it and allow you to connect the topics to the SAT, which will develop your mindset to better fit the SAT.

So short answer: STUDY!!! Practice tests will always help. Also, the SAT PREP BLACK BOOK is a good advice/ tip resource book. It goes over some problems, but it's not for the experience, more the advice and what to keep in mind when taking the actual SAT. Your score won't be perfect at first (most of the time) but just keep trying.

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