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Extracurriculars as a Sophomore

I come from a lower-middle-class household so I wasn't involved in any extracurriculars for most of my life. I was busy at home taking care of my grandparents and little brother while my parents were at work.

Only recently have I grown a desire to go to MIT. Realized that I'm kinda screwed in the ECs department when compared to my peers. As someone who wants to go to MIT to study physics, what extracurriculars should I join?

hopefully it isn't too late

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2 years ago

Those are also ECAs but they are very low in level. Try to participate in interest-based clubs like Astronomy, Oceanography, etc, and participate in physics olympiads. Try to participate in summer programs like Illinois Tech Online Precollege STEM Programs All of these will look strongly on your application if you've been committed to them for a while. If you are struggling to find activities and extracurriculars that are specific to physics, try to get involved in STEM-related extracurriculars to expand your knowledge in that field. Also, try to be a tutor of physics. It will not only help you earn but will help you to practice more and more.

Thank you for your time, for reading till this point

Have a nice day.

2 years ago

Hi! I am a rising senior. If you can, try to intern or shadow anywhere relating to physics. Schools like to see initiative and passion in your desired field. Also, aim to take physics honors or AP physics (depending on if your school will let you skip the honors class before taking the AP). Also, extracurriculars don't have to be of massive stature. Join clubs and stick with them for as many years as you can. Apply for leadership positions in those clubs.

Also, I just wanted to mention Questbridge because I was blessed to have been told about it and you and I have similar circumstances. I have been involved with Questbridge since last year when I became a "College Prep Scholar" aka the junior program. Basically, Questbridge is dedicated to helping low-income, high-achieving students apply to top colleges for free and allowing them to tell their stories. For example, I also have to help out around the house and I didn't have much time or energy to balance extracurriculars in my underclassman years. This program allows you the space to talk about these things that you may not be able to in other college applications such as Common App.

The senior program, "National College Match", allows seniors to be matched with a top school, INCLUDING M.I.T. And the best part is that you get a full-ride!!! Also, getting into the College Prep Scholar program looks great when applying to the National College Match.

Applications have not opened yet for seniors, but I am hoping that I get into the program and eventually be matched to Stanford for computer science.

I hope this helped and good luck!!!

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