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Based on my profile what schools should i be looking at and aiming for Black Male

Hello i plan to major in finance and mathematics or finance and comp sci. My dream school is Wharton and i plan to ED but looking at my profile i am starting to question it. Do you think i should be aiming for a school like that? what other top schools should i be looking at? and what are ways i can improve my common ap before NOV and DEC to strengthen it.

GPA UW: 3.83

GPA W: 4.67

CLASS RANK: 16/290

SAT: planning to take aug 27

APs: 1 --> 5 in total by the end of senior yr

Advance classes: 11

DE: 1 --> 2 by the end of senior yr if i have time


Student gov 10-12 (rep, treasurer, now VP)

FBLA 11th (treasurer)

Spirit club 11th (sga created it this year)

Class of 22 fundraising committee

Basketball 9th 11th 12th (jv, 10th grade cancelled, varsity)

Started a Blog (12,000+words 17 articles dont know how many views)

Coding (4 financial coding projects)

Personal portfolio management (basically investing with real and fake money)

summer Internship at a business (doing financial/accounting work)

Volunteer at non profit org (part of financial research team and more)

Started a graphic design business (work with 2 business help manage the social media accounts with post and the other make flyers and product pictures both recurring)

This is not what exactly going to be on my common app like the blog is going to have more articles words and views but look at it just off that basketball too alot of my time and energy so could really do what i have hoped for but im happy with what i got.

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2 years ago

You have a nice portfolio! It’s great that you’ve started your own business, done internships, and volunteered. Maybe look into some more community service if you want to get in more extracurriculars, but mostly focus on your GPA. Could you elaborate on how exactly your unweighted GPA is higher than your weighted GPA? Also what classes did you take that gave you that GPA? If there was a class that you struggled in maybe try taking classes that suit your strengths better and would allow you do take harder level classes in that subject. Make sure you focus on your passions and talents so that colleges know you are goal-oriented.

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