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06/20/2020 at 09:46PM
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How can I increase my GPA/credits in one year?

im about to be a senior and my gpa is like 1.5 and i want it to be about a 3.5 so i can get into NYU or any other good school. I had a problem with not going to school before so i only have 3 credits because i failed every year, my teacher told me i could graduate if i pass this year, summer school, and next year, but i dont know how high my gpa would be by then so... any recommendations?

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06/21/2020 at 12:29AM

If your GPA is 1.5 that means that for the past 3 years you have averaged a D+ grade. If you got all A's in your 1st semester 12 grade you would have 1.88 GPA because that would be like 4.0 for that semester blended with 6 semesters of 1.5. Of course, you can apply to any college you want but in my opinion, that would be throwing money away. The average unweighted GPA at NYU is 3.7+ and that is only 1 component of the admissions application. You would have to have equally good course rigor, STATS (either AP scores, SAT IIs, SAT or ACT because they are test flexible), ECs, recommendations, and essays. My serious recommendation is that you enroll in a 2-year community college which will be affordable and get all As in core curriculum classes that you missed the opportunity to do in high school. For English, take 2 years of literature and language, for Math take College Algebra and Pre-Calculus, for History take US History and European History, for science take College level Biology, Chemistry or Physics and for your electives skip the fluff like art history, film, ceramics and take something that has to so with the College majors that you are interested. For example if you are interested in Computer Science, take that, or if you want to be a Nurse, take human anatomy. If you get a 3.50-4.00 in community college and complete all the same kinds of core classes other successful NYU students did prior to applying, you will feel more confident about completing the application. Plus you will show colleges that you are a serious student. Doing really well for 1 semester of 12th grade is not going to make up for lost opportunities wasted. I wish you all the best in your college journey. You have a 2nd chance to get into the college of your choice but that will only happen if you hunker down, focus, apply yourself, and show you are a consistent performer that is intellectually curious.

06/20/2020 at 10:31PM[edited]

this is not to sound brash but it is basically impossible to increase your gpa by like 200% in one year, or even two. i am a little concerned for you since a 1.5 is a failing gpa and even though you can graduate with the aforementioned path it will be difficult to raise your gpa. i guess the best way you can do it is to get basically perfect grades of straight A or A+ in a course of literally all AP or honors classes, but given your current situation i dont know if you can do that (place into ap/h classes since the school year ended and usually placement occurs around 1/2 way in). sorry dude, but i dont think that’s possible (at least to raise it to a 3.5). best of luck however, and don’t give up. any effort you put into school will only benefit you going forward

edit- also the way to improve your credits is to jut go to class and pass it. for most high schools all you need to do is pass the class with a d or better to get credit. if there is something going on in your personal life that contributed to you falling behind i hope that you are doing better, and hopefully you aren’t discouraged by this :,)

06/20/2020 at 10:30PM

Your GPA is a combination of your grades of your four years of highschool. It is very difficult to compensate in your senior year the grades from past years, since they already impacted your GPA. However you can raise your GPA a little by attending to all classes, doing your best in ALL assignments however simple they seem, take more classes, take less difficult classes, ask your teachers for extra credit. You can also outweight your GPA with high test scores in the SAT or ACT and impressive and strong essays since most universities use hollistic admissions. Do your best this year enough to prove your desire to be better and show tangible proof that you tried.


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