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I got a $84,000 scholarship to St. Mary's University in San Antonio in the summer from 8th grade to 9th grade. Do I consider this to be an 8th grade accomplishment or a 9th grade accomplishment? I am confused on what grade to be defining the summer in between grades are.

Also, should I include this scholarship as a honor even though I don't think I will be apply to St.Mary's? I received it after 3 years of a rigorous summer STEM program in which I received a 99 or higher average. Very few people were awarded a scholarship of this degree from the program.

@JannAce11 months ago [edited]

In my opinion, you can consider it as an accomplishment that spans both your 8th and 9th grade years since it was awarded during the summer in between.

By the way, have you explored other Sponsoreship opportunitie as well? It sounds like you have exceptional skills and potential, and there might be more avenues for you to explore and secure additional sponsorships

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2 years ago

Getting an early academic scholarship to a Catholic / Marianist college after 8th grade is impressive for sure.

I'm not sure this qualifies as a Common App academic award or honor. The reason I say this is because what's to prevent anyone applying Early Action who has been awarded financial aid in mid December to say they were awarded a $XXX,000 scholarship to their EA school when they apply Regular decision. This practice is not something that is normal and usual in the college admissions applications process.

My interpretation of honors or awards would be things like:

National Merit Scholar - Commended Student/Semifinalist

AP Scholar

Honor Societies

Arts awards


Outstanding achievement awards

Athletic character recognition awards

Awards at the local, state/regional, or national level

US Presidential Scholar

Horatio Alger Scholar

Questbridge College Prep Scholar

Gates Scholar

Coca Cola Scholar

Jack Kent Cooke Scholar

Top Sports Awards - National Rowing Champion 2022 for 4 + 1 scull

I do think the summer STEM program is newsworthy however, and I would include that under your ECs or additional coursework because it shows your intellectual vitality and curiosity.

I'm not sure why you wouldn't consider applying to St. Marys since $84K covers about 5/8th of the tuition costs for 4 year there. That's a good deal.

Good luck.

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