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• 06/20/2020 at 11:08PM

How to find your passions/ what you want to be?

I’m going to be a sophomore next year and I have no idea how to find your passions to decide what career pathway I would like when I’m older. I really enjoy math and in my junior year I plan on taking AP Calculus. What are some things you did that helped you decide your college major, career, etc.?

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• 06/21/2020 at 10:59PM[edited]

Best way to do this is to join as many clubs as possible, read all sections of the newspaper daily, talk w friends ne family, and take college majors test. the only way you will know what you are and are not interested in is through exposure. You light join one club your sophomore or junior year that is incredibly interesting to you and is something you didn’t even know existed before. It might not be super obvious but my rule of thumb is that if doing it doesn’t feel like a chore or you are healthily/positively motivated by it then it is something you can pursue as a college major. You can also go to your top school/or any college and look at their list of majors and go through them, and cross off the ones you know you aren’t interested in.

You can also start w a generic field if this is easier for you. the most popular college majors are grouped ´like this- STEM (science

tech engineering math), medicine, business/finance/econ, government/political science/history (also called social science), journalism/english (humanities), and then performing arts. I know there are a lot more than that but those are the super geeneric categories. It’s okay that you don’t have an idea but if you are still undecided by the end of your sophomore year you’ll be in trouble since your extracurricular profile needs to be built around that major you want to pursue.

TLDR- exposure is the best way, do some research and find what grabs you and what you gravitate towards!

edit- i recommend doing a majors quiz instead of a career quiz cause often your major will not

correlate to one specific major, and the majors most of those quizzes give are very generic and won’t help you determine your interests, or they are not really that accurate

• 06/21/2020 at 12:15AM

Take the mymajors quiz at the very top. I took it as a gig and the 10 recommended to me 3/10 were the ones I'm interested in and 5/10 were ones I looked at. While most schools only show the majors they offer Iowa has just about everything under the sun.

Also if you like math that makes me believe you should look at a business or engineering track depending on interests.