2 years ago
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Should I put NHS and Tutoring as one or two extracurriculars?

I've been doing both for a little more than one year but I'm not sure if I should make NHS and have tutoring be part of describe part of the extracurricular. Or is there any difference making them two separate extracurriculars?


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2 years ago[edited]

Honestly, I don't know what NHS is fully (I think it's a club but not entirely sure). What I do know is to show which of the two extracurriculars have made the biggest impact on you.

I would look at these 3 factors:

- Your impact on the extracurricular

- Your passion for the extracurricular

- Your growth in the extracurricular

Some people like to add extracurriculars based on the progression of themselves. For example, if you were into mentoring others such as your friends and peers and then decided to tutor, tutoring would contribute to your journey. If you were into robotics and wanted to expand your network of people to share this passion and then you joined a robotics club, the club would contribute to your robotics passion. Same with NHS.

If both extracurriculars are things you're deeply involved and passionate about and you can reflect on yourself and demonstrate specific activities where you've made an impact, then I'd include both.

2 years ago

I understand your question to be asking if the service hours you did for NHS count as something separate from the club itself. I think they do, especially if you did things inside of the club itself and have something to write about for both. My club doesn't really do much, but the volunteering I do to fulfill the 20 hours per semester requirement has turned into a major commitment and lead to me being very involved in a nonprofit. I would obviously list this as a separate extracurricular. If the tutoring you do does not feel very connected to your narrative, however, you might want to save one of your ten slots and simply say you completed the hours though tutoring. Really, it's up to you and how you want to craft your application.

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