2 years ago
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Hi I have one question regarding my IB score, I have the following score :-

term1 - 38/42

term2 - 41/42

my school has given me a predicted score of 44/45 and I have 1600 on SAT with 800 & 800 on SAT 2.

Will these scores make it easy for me to get into top colleges

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2 years ago

Hi, James!!

Your academic profile is excellent and especially if you have such a good SAT score too. As a lot of universities have gone test-optional they will still look at SATs if you have and this will also be helpful as you got a great score. I cannot guarantee your chances but you have good chances to get into these universities, the only thing you need more is to have a strong ec portfolio and to write good essays, hope this helps you.


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