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Course Rigour


I'm an international student and I have a completely different curriculum where we aren't offered AP classes, honors, etc. How do I fill this in my Profile because then my chancing answers don't take into consideration that I have a completely different curriculum?


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Do you have any level of course acceleration in your school? Or does everyone take the same level of rigor? If there is no acceleration of course you can’t put in honors or AP but when you apply to college the admissions officers will see this and realize that you didn’t take any advanced classes because you literally couldn’t. Context is important here so don’t worry if you’re not offered super difficult classes. Anyway, if your school offers IB classes you can fill that in, or if you took any college classes or dual enrollment classes at a local community college when you were in high school that is counted as CC/DE. For AP classes you would but 0 out of 0 as your school doesn’t teach any. Hope this helps!

My situation is similar. I am an international students; In our education system, we don't get to choose classes we take. We have particular subjects(11) set for us to learn in every grade. 11th and 12th grade we choose streams of either Natural or social science