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I want to apply to european schools for engineering, but my school doesnt offer the classes required for entry

They require a 5 on AP calculus and AP Physics Mechanics to get into the mechanical engineering program, but neither of those courses are offered at my school. I am planning on taking these classes through the local community college through a dual enrollement program, do you think colleges would accept an A in these classes as an equivelant to the AP exams? I also have A's on college credit exams for enigeering through the community college, would this help?

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2 years ago

I think European universities usually allow some wriggle room in your subjects since they'd have a lot more applicants from different schooling systems. From my experience it'd vary depending on the university, especially depending on how competitive the university is/how many applicants per place they have (ie if there's more competition for each spot, you might be disadvantaged by not meeting the exact requirements). Although, the way I see it, taking a college course is roughly equivalent or even better than taking the AP, at least from the point of view of a foreign university determining your background in that subject. Either way, they cannot fault you for not taking a subject not available to you, so if you mention this in your application they may make allowances.

Taking the community college courses certainly won't hurt even if some universities won't accept them. Most European universities will ask for a personal statement, where you can also use these to show that you are academically involved in engineering beyond what your high school offers. You can probably even use this to make yourself a better applicant, showing how you took the initiative to pursue engineering beyond what your high school offered.

It all depends on the exact universities and their admissions process, at the end of the day. They could screen for the requirements harshly, which would put you at a disadvantage, but they're far more likely to accept slightly different versions of the requirements as long as your academic credentials show you are a dedicated student.

Good luck with your application!

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