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Which ECs should I include in my CommonApp?

I play four sports: xc, soccer, tennis, and track, and I’m a captain in xc and soccer. I’ve also been in SGA for three years and I’m the student body President this year. As a result, I’ve been in charge of planning the homecoming dance, homecoming week, and I spent an insane amount of time planning and working on prom. I’m historian for Leo Club, a member of Beta Club, and I peer tutor in Spanish. I also have well over 300 community service hours, and I’ve directed service projects around campus including repainting our IB office and student sourced resources for guidance counselors. I’m also currently working or creating a niche scholarship fund. I work part time, I have a research internship in environmental science at a nearby college, and I also have my own research in environmental science that’s ongoing. I know you only get 10 ECs, so which would be the most impressive for a T25 school?

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Okay, just a notice, this is from what I know so far. Colleges tend to prefer extracurriculars that people show a lot of commitment to. So for example, you being the captain in XC and soccer would illustrate your strong commitment and dedication towards them, so if I were you, I'd probably list them down. Moreover, you can also list down how you dedicate hundreds of hours (300 hrs according to you) towards volunteering and giving back to the community and how you led service projects around your school campus. These are all pretty good extracurriculars to list because not only do they demonstrate your strong dedication but also display your leadership skills which is a bonus ✨. You may also want to list down extracurriculars that perhaps not many people would achieve. For example, research internship. Not everyone gets a research internship. And I think that's pretty much it. List those that make you stand out, those that you show strong dedication and commitment to. Hope this helps <3

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