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How will UC's consider my gpa under covid?

In my second semester of 10th grade (this year was completely online), I received a 1.8 GPA bringing my 10th grade GPA to 2.7 total while taking AP Bio, AP Art history, and AP World History. In my 11th grade year, I decided to take AP Physics, AP lang, and Honors Chemistry, for which I got a straight-A, 4.5 GPA. There is also the added pressure that I would like to go to my local UC, which is known for being competitive and has a capped engineering, and I want to major in EE. I was luckily able to make up some classes I failed through summer school and after school which I got A's in but I have AP bio second sem which is stuck at a D, second sem AP Art which is a C, and first sem World history which is a C. My new GPA is 3.9 (weighted 3.54 unweighted) but I am not in the top 10% of my school.

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On the application, I suggest filling out the additional information section explaining your circumstances to help admissions officers understand. However, with the more competitive UC schools such as Berkeley and LA, your current GPA is not going to be competitive enough to warrant your admission to these schools. Looking at UCSD, their average GPA is a weighter 4.07. Remember, schools only see your unweighted GPA, they weight it themselves with a different system. Given that its possible for you to get a 4.5, your school most likely does not have the same weighting system as college admissions. I suggest using the GPA converter tool on here to convert your gpa onto the scale used for colleges in order to get a better idea of where you stand. Also, because the UC schools are test blind, really work on your extracurriculars, an impressive resume will help compensate for a weaker GPA. Also, it definitely helps that you are a California resident.

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