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Is it a good idea to apply to colleges after seniour year

I am thinking to apply to clgs after my senior year. This is because, I don't have good grades in my AS. So, I would re-take my AS, and score good in my A levels. After my A levels I would apply for clgs. Is this a good idea?


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2 years ago

I don't think you can apply for colleges after the deadline. If your colleges have a general admissions deadline that is later than the early admissions deadline, try applying then. However, it doesn't hurt if you have multiple colleges that you would like to go to to apply to a couple of them early, even if you fear being declined. If you apply to a couple that you have a high chance of getting into early, you guarantee somewhere you can go in the event that something unexpected happens. However, when applying after semester 1 you might face more difficulty getting into the schools of your dreams because you'd be applying after early decision. If your GPA is within a good range, and you have a high test score, I would recommend trying some applications early. Who knows if you might have an option you can just settle for and save the extra money from paying for more application fees.

Final answer: Apply to some safety and target colleges. If you have a good test score, focus on writing essays and try to use early decision. If you still aren't satisfied, use late (general) decision and apply to some more colleges then. You cannot apply to college after the last deadline.

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