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hi im a homeschooled student who lives in nj but school is florida based i want to go to public school. i am in ninth grade. how many credits do i need to be considered a sophmore in the state of nj. i currently will finish with 2.75 credits.

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I don't know about nj but i know in texas you need at least 6.0 credits. This comes from math, science, english, social studies, and elective classes.

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So wait, if you're a homeschooled student, how is your school Florida-based? You mean the requirements and curriculum you use are based on Floridas? And are you saying you want to go to a public high school?

You can find NJ's graduation requirements here: https://www.nj.gov/education/cccs/grad.pdf. Based on this, I think the credit system you're using is represented differently from the one that NJ uses, and you should try to speak to an official at the school you want to attend rather than asking us. We won't be able to tell you as well as they will.


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