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Hey I'm in As(grade11) just gave my A1 exams this year but the cambridge said that our As grades wont be considered so the A2 grades will be then our overall Alevels grades. I have satisfactory grades in my olevels (2As,3bs,3cs)but i shifted to other to social sciences in alevels from sciences. I'll be giving my SAT in oct this year. So what should i do, applly to unis like lums or northwestern Cornell and other this year or the other. And many of the unis have also said that SAT score isn't compulsory. Also my other Q is how important are my olevels grades while applying to such unis as i wanted to improve in my alevels.

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I feel like you should consider taking the SAT as it could give you an upper hand in comparison to other applicants (in the US) since many people are using test-optional as a reason to never take the SATs!


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