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Can I use piano as my topic for my common app essay when it's also going to be listed in my activities section?

I'm wondering if the activities you want to talk about in the common app essay (prompt #1) have to be separate from any activities that you'll list in the common app activities section. I've played the piano for more than 11 years, so it's what I want to talk about for my common app essay, but I don't know if that's a good idea if I'm also going to talk about it in my activities section. Please help!

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2 years ago

I would say, absolutely yes. Admissions counselors want to see you when they read your personal essay, and if writing about piano is the best way for you to show them that, then by all means do it. Oftentimes people say that the essay is to show parts of yourself that you haven't been able to do, and this is true, but going into further depth about your passions is a great option.

You only have 150 characters to describe your involvement in the activities section, so if there's a lot more you think needs to be known for someone to understand you, or if piano has shaped who you are as a person, I think you shouldn't hesitate to share it. It might be a good idea to share a specific anecdote or lesson piano has taught you as well.

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