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Is this detrimental to my college application?


I’m interested in majoring business in the future. Obviously that could change but at the moment I’m leaning towards this field. I signed up to take AP Microeconomics and Macroeconomics next year, however both of them couldn’t fit into my schedule. I opted to take AP Microeconomics and I’m planning on self studying for the Macro test. Would colleges be confused as to why I didn’t take both courses, and self studied for one of them? Especially since I’m planning to be a business major - would that be a red flag?


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2 years ago

You are overthinking this.

Colleges care most about course rigor when it comes to APs or IBs or Honors or DE enrollment. They are not slicing and dicing your APs to see if you are perfectly aligning them with your intended major. Why? Because they only have 10-15 minutes to read your entire application including transcripts, recommendations and essays, and supplements. Plus the avg. matriculant changes their major 3 times prior to graduation anyway. Perhaps if you were applying to UPenn Wharton, having taken both AP Macro/Micro in class would uptick your seriousness factor, but not that much. Certainly taking 1 + 1 self-study wouldn't be a red flag. I don't even think a yellow flag.

To me, the potential yellow/red flag with a Business School applicant has more to do with their ECs, essays, and intellectual vitality.

What you do in your free time outside of school to show evidence of your business acumen is probably something all good business colleges want to see with their top applicant choices.

So starting a business, partnership, creating an income stream, successful fundraising, and talking about business with a growing audience on social media are going to serve you better than any AP class you take.

Good luck.

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