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How to get strong extra curriculars

I’m a freshman and I want to get accepted into schools like Harvard , Yale, John Hopkins, etc. Schools that have great medical programs, but my extracurriculars suck. I’m going to be a sophomore this year and I don’t want to lead clubs or join clubs that hold no interest to me. I love volunteering , reading, writing, but none of this would get me in. How can I develop strong extra curriculars without having to things that I don’t enjoy?

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@cp8394 years ago

Is medicine included in your list of passions or are you interested for other reasons?

@chickensandwich8514 years ago

^^ That's extremely important, if you aren't passionate about medicine you really shouldn't try to get into a med program, because you'd be miserable. (If you are though, HOSA is a great thing to look into for your school. If they don't have it, maybe see if you can found it at your school?)

@viviannav274 years ago

Try to do some AP classes and honors, don't overwhelm yourself. Know that when you go into junior year work your best that year because everything counts. Apply to summer internships your school will offer, like at mine there was Scripps and Rady's Childrens summer program. And one at a UC school. Apply to volunteer at a hospital or shelter. And try to get into clubs and sports.

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4 years ago

If you like volunteering, there are plenty of medical volunteering opportunities you could try out (local nursing home, hospital, homeless shelter). You might not be able to right now due to COVID, but since you're only a freshman, I'm sure there will be future opportunities for you before you apply to college.

You could also volunteer tutoring in reading and writing. Working with kids is also a good experience, especially if you want to do pediatric medicine.

The other suggestions in the comments also make sense to me.

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