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Why the ACT has a time limit for registration completion

What does the ACT mean by" To hold your seat, complete your payment and registration in the next 180 minutes."

Does it mean your Test centre is reaching full limit?

Then why do they impose this?


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2 years ago[edited]

This started I believe during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic about 27 months ago. Why? ACT test centers around the world were closing left and right. There were more applicants wanting to take the ACT than there were test centers available to go to. I remember looking for a test center in my State of Oregon, and there were none! Zero. So I looked at ACT test centers in Washington and California. My dad was willing to fly out of state and stay overnight in a hotel just for me to take the ACT because it was super important to submit a high test score if I had any chance of getting in to a top school.

So ACT.org instituted the time limit to separate the people who really need to register and take the test from those that were just saving a spot and not paying the fees to register for the test. I think its a very good idea because it means that you have to make up your mind. When you go to a rock, pop, rap concert and but tickets online, they only give you like 5-15 minutes to cop them or not. Giving someone 3 whole hours to get their payment method sorted out for an ACT test seem less of problem for anyone and more of a formality to keep the line flowing and managing the amount of test sites ACT.org needs to ensure they have optimized their turnout.

If a test center is reaching it's full limit that mean's it's like 95% subscribed already, and if you want a seat you need to book it as soon as possible.

Good luck.

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