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06/23/2020 at 11:44AM

Extracurricular Piano question


I am unsure on how to define my extracurricular piano for the chancing section (what tier).

I have been playing since 2nd grade and have taken each year the available tests from the state music teacher forum (theory, sight reading, skills, level of progress), steadily progressing each year. In addition I partook in the annual Play-A-Thon fundraising for music scholarships and recitals in nursing homes to give back to the community. Which comes to about 15 hours annually only. Outside of duets I have not played along others or in any band. I do not savor playing in front of an audience, so the recitals and the Play-A-Thon are already pretty nerve-racking to me.

For the Guild I have played memorized pieces for the state level.

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06/23/2020 at 01:39PM

So, here’s what I got-

not in an ensemble

play for fun except for charity/comm service

auditioned for a state level

I think it would only count for Tier L (the first one) because you for the most part played piano recreationally. If you were in an all-county all-state or something like that then it would be a different rank, but I don’t think your EC qualifies for the other ones. You should use this instead as something you can write about in your college essay i e how the piano influenced your life, taught you lessons about self-growth and dedication and how you used it to benefit others etc