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Admissions Advice

Admission advice

I am looking for advice on college list.

I am looking to study finance (or business/economics)

I have 3.95 GPA, 1560 SAT (with super scoring), rank Top 5/500

I have 20 AP/IB course, 9 Honors classes.

My current list is:

1. Reach: UPenn, Harvard, Columbia, Cornell

2. Hard Target: NYU Stern, Georgetown, Ross, UC Berkeley, Georgia Tech

4. Target & Safety: UF, FSU, UT Austin, Indiana Kelley

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2 years ago

Honestly, I don't understand the ED1 to NYU. You are in a league of your own with 99% test scores and GPA and course rigor. I would shoot my shot first at UPenn Wharton ED1 not NYU. Since you already know you want to be a finance major undergrad, the Harvard and Columbia choices don't align and you'd have to just do Economics or Stats there and wait to study Finance until your MBA program. So I would recommend you apply to MIT for the BS Finance degree at Sloan instead and since there is a Harvard/MIT consortium, you can take classes at Harvard as well.

My recommendation are these if you want Finance:

ED1 - UPenn Wharton

RD - MIT (Sloan), NYU (Stern), Georgetown (McDonough), UVA (McIntire), UMich (Ross), USC (Marshall), WashU (Olin), Cornell (Dyson if you have to but it's not that good of an undergrad business degree), NotreDame. Just keep in mind that most of the Ivys and Stanford don't offer undergrad business degrees.

I think Indiana Kelley is ok for a target/safety, but I would consider these over your list.

North-Eastern, Boston University, U Miami, and Univ.Illinois (UC)

Good luck.

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