2 years ago
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Is this EC an Ivy Spike?

Hello! I'm 15 years old and a rising sophomore. By the time I graduate (2 years, since I may graduate a year early) I would have fed 5000-10000 people. For clarification, I raised money on an international scale to feed people in my home country through the greatest economic crisis since independence. All the meals were and will be distributed nation-wide.

Some other information: I assembled teams of people to feed people from all over the country. I overcame transport difficulties when the country had/has no fuel.

Edit: In less than 3 months I raised enough to feed over 1750 people.

My question is, is this EC an ivy league level spike?


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2 years ago

I think that your EC will be seen as impressive even to Ivy League schools and other top colleges - however, the activity itself is not a spike. A spike is a passion for a particular field that is demonstrated by ECs, essays, and other application components.

With that said, your EC could demonstrate many different spikes depending on how you frame it in your application. An interest in social justice and non-profit work are just some of the spikes your EC points to. Hope this helps!

2 years ago

It would be seen as favorable. But without a strong application all around it isn't likely to get you in. You will still have a single digit chance of acceptance.

You are doing an amazing job and should continue to do it because its the right thing and helps so many people!

2 years ago

Hi, it is amazing to have done so much at such a young age. It really depends on your intended major and academic standing too. If you are focused on a service type spike with an intent to go major in something related to leadership or service this activity will help a lot. If you have good academic standing and rigor of courses, then it will help you stand out more.

Keep helping people, good luck! Hope this helps!

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