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When is the best time to apply to schools?

Going into my senior year of high school, I am only taking one class I need to graduate, the rest are all my choice and not necessary to graduate. So, looking and planning ahead, a lot of schools are starting to open early applications, would it be beneficial to me, (I have good grades, good student, and want to go into a science focused major) to apply sooner than later? I know the sooner I get accepted the better the chances of me securing a spot in certain majors, but would it be better to wait until my senior year starts? It would give me more things to put on certain applications. I am just not sure of what timeline I should follow (when to apply, when to fill things out like a fafsa, scholarships--all that kind of stuff).

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2 years ago

Most colleges open applications in the beginning of August, so that's the earliest you can apply. However, even the early decision/action deadlines are around Nov 1. There's a lot of supplemental essays involved along with the Common App/Coalition essay, which will take you at least a month.

The supplemental essays you'll most likely encounter are 'Why This Major', 'Why This College', 'How Will You Contribute to Diversity', and 'Extracurriculars'.

As for the FAFSA, it won't be available until Oct 1.

If you're referring to scholarships from external organizations(not the university), each will have its own deadline.

Hope this information helps.

2 years ago

This CollegeVine blog post explains the timeline to follow for every step of the college application process. It's still a good idea to finish your application materials long before the due due dates on this timeline, since this will give you enough time to do your best work and apply EA or ED. Hope this helps!

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