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How can I strengthen my college application?

I am a rising Junior and I'm still not 100% set on what I would like to major in but I'm thinking of doing accounting/finances and then going into Law. For my ECs I do tennis recreationally and am in the highest level orchestra at my school (I play violin). I also take piano lessons but don't do any competitions so I guess it would also be considered recreational. So far I have done about 65 hours of community service and I plan to continue volunteering this school year and next summer as well. I am currently applying for an internship with a lawyer to get some experience (I should be getting a response by next week but I think I have good chance) and it will be for the whole school year. For volunteering, one thing that I think sets me apart is that I am part of committee with my city. It is for implementing the Ethnics Studies course into our curriculum and how to do it in an effective way. I am the only student in the committee but I am the liaison for the "adult committee" and the "student committee" (I am part of both but am the only student in the adult one as I was the only one to apply for it).

For academics, last semester I had a GPA of 4.0 unweighted and 4.36 weighted. Next year I plan on taking 4 AP classes which are AP Calc BC, AP Seminar, AP Lang, and AP Spanish.

About me personally I am of mixed race: middle eastern and hispanic/latinx and I am also first-gen.

Please let me know what I can do to improve, I'm not sure if I should focus on being well rounded or have a"spike" I really want to try and aim for the top colleges so any advice would really help!

Thank you :)

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Hi @Nicole1234! First of all, it made me smile when I saw you play violin, as I play viola in the highest orchestra at my school as well! Second of all, you seem like you've got everything under control as well! Personally I think you should try to be well rounded in your passions/volunteer work (it's great that you play an instrument), and try to have a "spike" through your course work. Since it seems you are doing the AP Capstone Program, it would probably we a good idea to do your research projects in topics related to law (criminal justice, enviornmental law, political science). Your GPA is perfect, you're taking strong AP classes, you're in the capstone program (colleges really like students who get the capstone program), you have strong extracurriculars, lots of volunteer hours, and are a first gen college student (that could help you on your applications). I would say you are looking great!! Keep doing what you're doing! However, since you plan on studying finance you might want to gear some of your coursework in that field, as well as take classes relating to law. For finance, try taking AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics as well as AP Statistics. For law, try to take AP Comparative Government and Politics, AP United States Government, and possibly AP Human Geography (if you're interested in international diplomacy, public policy, etc.). Other than that, I think your application/resume looks amazing!!

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