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So far I have a round 8-9 EC activties and I’m gonna be a junior this year i have a 3.9/4.6 gpa and I got a 1270 on my psat 10. I needed just like a lost of some EC that impress colleges


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Hi @Swayam_Jain17

Other than being an Olympian, wining the Fields Medal or Nobel Peace Prize winner, or being a US Presidential Scholar, there is no such thing as a list of some ECs that impress colleges. Why? Because all Top colleges are going to evaluate your college application file holistically. So you are only going to be impressive if your ECs align with your overall academic narrative, innate talents, personal character and spikes. And if you are a good fit for them. Regarding Fit, on the flip side all top colleges have a loose quota to fill that changes from application cycle to application cycle. So if you apply to ABC college this year, they are keen on finding 8 Female Rowers because their Varsity Crew team was mostly seniors, 10 people for the marching band, 5 cheerleaders, 2 bassoonists and another 250 admits that are going to play a specific role on campus either in a sport, orchestra, band, choir, team or otherwise. And XYZ college will have a similar but different list and so forth and so on.

If you want to curate a great EC list of activities, leadership roles and community services functions you can perform, the first step is to identify what kind of applicant you are trying to present yourself as. Example. If you are applying to NYU's Tisch school then you probably want to submit a portfolio of things related to those majors. So participating in your HS School Musical, Black Box Theater, being a stage manager at your local playhouse, making entertaining shorts on YouTube and TikTok, spending summers going to acting camp makes sense. If you are applying to NYU Stern school for Finance, then those ECs have nothing to do with business right? So you probably want to curate a completely different set of ECs that have to do with business. You might start an investing club at school, manage your own Crypto portfolio, create VLOGS on personal finance, fund raise for a good cause to show how good you at raising capital, start a for profit business or a non-profit to fill a void in your community.

Good luck buddy.

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