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Research as extracurricular


So I took AP Research last year. For that class we spent the year writing a 4-5 thousand word academic research paper. I ended up getting my paper published in a scientific journal. Should I include this on my application? If so, how? I was thinking maybe mentioning this as research on my extracurricular activities section. But does this count as an extracurricular if it was for a class?

how did you get it published? im gonna start writing my paper soon and im interested in the process!

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Even if the paper itself was for a class, getting it published in a journal definitely isn't a requirement for AP Research, and something you did beyond what a typical student does. So I would definitely include it on your Activities List.

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In the "writing" section of the extracurriculars, one of the tiers mentions having a paper published in a scientific journal. While your paper was part of a class, I'd imagine getting published still counts as an extracurricular achievement. If College Vine considers it so, then colleges will as well. I'd mention it.