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should i include classes i have taken on my resume?

I am currently working on my application for Georgetown and in the section for listing extra-curriculars, there is an option to submit a resume. I have never made a resume for myself, but I kind of need it for this app and other things too. I was wondering if I should list classes i have taken in high school. But what classes? I cant put all of them since thats way too many. Most resumes have "relevant" classes listed. Would classes related to my intended major be considered relevant? Or should I just list my favorite/most challenging classes? Thanks!


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2 years ago

I would suggest that classes that relate to your major are the best way to go. In the workforce, when you apply to a position, you list classes that are going to be helpful to you in that position and will make you stand out from others who might not have taken that class.

2 years ago

That is covered on your high school transcript that you/counselor will submit and that will show all classes you have taken.

Most schools submit a class catalog detailing classes available and school statistics

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