2 years ago
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Please help me choose the perfect combination of majors

Im interested in all of these and wanted to choose only 2(double major or a major and a minor) I want to choose 1 route that leads to law school and another route that offers several opportunities, flexible, doesn’t require grad school, decent salary etc.

Law school is a possibility? I want to do political science or sociology or psychology as one of my majors. Which best accomplishes this goal?

Another issue I am having is what to pair either 3 of these majors with. I want to go the business route to be versatile but don’t want to be too broad. Maybe marketing, or business analytics and operations, or finance

Note: halfway in algebra 2, math stopped making sense to me. I don’t want to stress in college.


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2 years ago

Hi @Ivybeam!

There are no hard requirements for law school — law programs mostly want to see that you got good grades, recommendations, LSAT scores, and some relevant extracurriculars. Political science might be the easiest to transition from, since it's closest to the humanities, but you mostly need to choose a major that you can excel in. Having a major that you're genuinely interested in will make it much easier to get those grades and recommendation letters later on.

As for your second major, I'd again recommend going with what interests you most and maybe trying out a few in college. "Business" is a broad field with no real requirements at the undergrad level, so you should go with what you like most. I will warn you though — each of those majors will be math intensive (just in slightly different ways). Marketing might have some statistics, for example, while finance will probably be equation-heavy (borrowing from econ). The good news is they'll all share some intro requirements, so you'll have time to test them out once you get to college.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

2 years ago

I think any of them would work together but I think political science with any of the 3 majors in business would work together better. I'm not sure what year you are, but I wouldn't stress about it. My advice, talk to graduates and connect with professionals. Goodluck :)

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