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Homeschool Extracurriculars

I am a homeschooled senior looking for some extracurriculars. Do any of you other high school homeschoolers have advice? Thank you!!

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2 years ago[edited]

It depends on your interests! I’m not homeschooled, but I have done many of my extracurriculars outside of my school. I’m a humanities/literature/theater kind of person, so here are some ideas in that realm:

- starting a book club (with a theme) and having regular meetings

- participating in community theater (whether that’s onstage or behind the scenes)

- getting a job (you could be a barista, work at a store, babysit, etc)

- volunteering with an organization that means something to you (or starting one if you can’t find anything!)

- writing (and submitting your work to magazines or competitions)

- starting an Instagram or YouTube to share your interest in something

That’s about all I can think of for now. If you’re more on the Stemmy side, think about connecting with other homeschoolers to form an engineering, robotics, or math team. Also, volunteering/interning in a hospital or clinic if you’re interested in medicine or public health. Basically, it just depends on your interests! Colleges are looking for students who show passion, so think about what you love/what you might want to pursue and make sure it shows in your application!

2 years ago

Hi there! I'm not a homeschooled student, but I do most of my extracurriculars outside of school. I always go to my local library for volunteering opportunities. They always have take home projects that can be donated or in person volunteer events. Also, (https://www.volunteermatch.org/) finds volunteering opportunities near you (soup kitchens, hospitals etc) that are virtual and in-person and you can sign up for them on the website! You can also volunteer at other local non-profit organizations and check if your homeschooling program offers clubs or volunteering opportunities. Or, you can search online and join a local competitive club or sport.

I hope this helps! Good luck!!

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