2 years ago
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Grammar, act/sat prep websites/books, MCAT

English is not my first language therefore my vocabulary are very basic, is there anyway i fan improve it?

What are ways to improve my grammar? (and punctuations)

what are some way I can prep for act/sat?

what are some way I can guaranteed a decent score on the act/sat?

what is mcat and when to take it?

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2 years ago

Apart from books, there are several apps you can use for vocabulary and grammar improvement. One app I've used is Memrise(which is meant for vocabulary).

For SAT, you can use the free course on Khan Academy. If you're looking for prep books, I've tried three publishers: Princeton Review, Kaplan, and Barron's. Each of them has great tips for the test. However, in terms of relevance to the exam, I found Princeton Review to be the best.

To score well on SAT, you will need practice. Since English isn't your first language, you might need to work harder on that, but a high score in Math will boost your score. If you're comfortable with Math, you'll just have to focus more on English.

MCAT is a medical school entrance exam usually taken in the 3rd year of college.

2 years ago

Honestly, I think the best way to improve your grammar is to read more, cause with reading you recognize what the proper grammar is in a text. But if your not much of a reader then I suggest writing more or practicing vocab lists for the sat/act. A way you can prep for the act/sat is by doing practice tests whether on khan academy/online or books, learning to pace yourself, and also I recommend looking at supertutortv on youtube. As long as you get a fairly decent score on the practice tests while also timing yourself then you should expect a similar outcome for the official test. As for the mcat, you don't have to worry about that right now it's basically like an entrance exam for people that want to apply to medical school I think it's usually taken around junior/senior year during your undergrad.

2 years ago

To improve your vocabulary I suggest listening to some grammar/language podcasts. I'm quite positive many are available on Spotify. In addition, you could also get some vocabulary workbooks from local bookstores like Barnes & Noble to help improve your grammar. In regards to act/sat prep I suggest using khan academy practice and also getting a workbook, both of which helped for me and allowed me to improve my sat score.

2 years ago

Hi @ssy0305!

The most important thing you can do to improve your vocabulary is immerse yourself in the language. Consuming books, movies, TV shows, and newspapers in your target language will help you expand your vocabulary and learn the grammar in a way that lessons alone cannot. Apps like Duolingo can help introduce you to this media, but you'll have to move on to real world practice if you want to achieve real fluency.

That said, I think Duolingo can be a good place to practice (especially for vocabulary). Language Transfer is a nice place to learn grammar/sentence construction, and Memrise is very good at teaching spoken conversations. I'd recommend trying each and seeing which best fits your needs.

Now, for the SAT, I'd recommend using Khan Academy's prep course. It includes plenty of practice tests, so you'll have a good idea of which areas need the most improvement and be able to study for those specifically.

And lastly, you don't need to worry about the MCAT for a few years. You'll take that at the end of college (or even later), and it'll be used for med school admissions.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

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