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06/24/2020 at 04:31AM
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How do i explain my extracurriculars

I am a junior in high school and a prospective international college student and I've been having some trouble when noting my extracurriculars, I do not know how to explain them. I had a few test based competitions on specific subjects or "olympics" (as they are called in my country). I've been trough two types of these competitions: in the first one there are different phases where you have a week to answer around 10 questions and do a analysis in a historical document/article and/or have to write a document on the subject matter ( in my case, i have been trough History and Geography "olympics"); The second type is when there are (usually) 3 tests on a specific subject ( These are usually Math or Science tests) and the student is graded according to their state's average grade per student. I am not sure how to explain them in my application forms, can somebody help me ?


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06/24/2020 at 05:40AM

Unless you disclose exactly what they were and what country you are from, most members answering these questions will not know. Perhaps you should repost the question with detailed specifics about the ECs in question explaining what kind of program you are attending in what province or country. Those who come from the same area as you will be able to read the question and advise you because they are going through or have gone through a similar process.

06/24/2020 at 12:51PM

In the US, there's competitions similar to that (eg. Chemistry Olympiad, Biology Olympiad). I would google "specific subject Olympiad" for whatever competitions you do, to see if the Olympiad and your Olympics are similar. If so, you could just write "X Olympics" as the EC and say it's "similar to the American X Olympiad".


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