2 years ago
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AP French or AP Art?

Hey everyone,

I’m considering wether to take AP French or AP Art my senior year. I want to go to a liberal arts college, so I’m wondering which class might be more beneficial for me.

I love Art, and want to start a portfolio to send to colleges on the optional section. I have a strong passion for art, and want to show colleges. I focused more on ceramics and core subjects, so I didn’t take it my junior year.

French shows more academic strength and i guess liberal arts colleges might prefer it.

It has to be one or the other, so I’m on the edge.

Any advice?


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2 years ago

If you're opting for a high-ranked liberal arts/Ivy, and you really don't have a strong preference, I would choose AP French. (Unless you would do worse in French grades-wise.)

I say this for a few reasons:

- Liberal arts colleges (especially high-ranked ones) want a well-rounded candidate that is at least a bit proficient in a language - AP French will do that for you.

- It's easier to show proficiency in art than in French IMO; unless you do the Concours, there aren't a ton of French competitions/achievements that are easy to slap on a profile. Maybe it's just my experience, but I find there are many more art competitions students can enter. It's also easier to find an apprenticeship/job/volunteer in art-related fields (working at a paint you own pottery business comes to mind, but that's just an example).

However! If you are planning to major/minor in some kind of art, choose AP Art! Colleges want a "spike" - activities/classes that show you really like one thing, are good at it, and this skill/interest will benefit them.

Caveat 2: If you're gonna hate French and/or you won't do super well, choose Art.

Good luck!

2 years ago

Honestly, it doesn't matter. I would just pick the AP that interests you the most.

Good luck.

2 years ago

If you are really passionate about art, I would recommend opting for AP Art instead of French. Following your passions for as much as your school allows you to is always appreciated with universities; don't just pursue subjects because they're marginally harder. Also, you'll probably have a better time in AP Art compared to AP French, so it's a win-win kind of situation.

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