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What are the best type of extracurricuars to do ?

I'm a junior in high school and i intend in going to a Musical Theatre school and i'm not certain on what extracurriculars should i do, i have five years of theatre in a theare club that my had, and arounnd 5 months of musical theatre training, besides hauing written my own musical for a school project. But even, haviing this past ans history in the area, i am certain that i need to do more, can someone that is involved and interested in the area please help me out ?


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a year ago

What are the best type of extracurriculars to do ?

Your extracurriculars should develop a huge, and I mean HUGE spike in one area of interest. It seems like you're interested in Musical Theatre and have pursued some extracurriculars in the area. It's crazy cool that you've written your own Musical for a project. I would suggest to get your Musical published and have a group perform it to a crowd. That would develop your spike further.

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You can conduct a series of musical theater workshops at your local library for kids in your community. You can try to look for casting calls and auditions to see if that can expand your role. Due to COVID-19, you can start a website or Youtube Channel with musical theater tips, tricks and lesson. Good Luck!


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